An ESO Guild for adults

No age requirements. No participation requirements. No level requirements. No tithes, fees, or sales requirements. No minimum DPS requirements. No PVP requirements.

No Requirements


Grey Manes Guild was founded in August 2019 by @The_Tyrant. Tyrant posted on Reddit that he really wanted a simple, relaxed ESO Guild without all the pressures of daily requirements, mandatory participation in events or dungeons. A guild where people could just... relax and play the way they want to play. Tyrant thought this would appeal to the older gamers among us, who aren't as fast or competitive as they once were.

Turns out, the idea appealed to players of all ages. We have members from their teens to their 70s. All are treated with respect, and we make a particular point to help those who are new to the game or need more time when running a dungeon, or even just a hand in PVE.

Why Not?

Why not join us?
Grey Manes Guild includes PC and XBox, unified by Discord.
You can get started by coming to meet us, ask questions, or get an in-game invite by joining our Discord - simply click on the Discord logo below.


   559 members*
  • * we made an overflow guild to go over 500


   850 members

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