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PC Grey Manes

Guidelines & Rules

Problem, question, suggestion, or objection? Ask one of the Grey Manes officers on Discord or in-game!


Be Respectful

Grey Manes was founded on the simple philosophy that we are kind to one another (and non-members, too!). We're all adults, we all have lives (complete with good days and bad) outside the game. Most of us are older and not into over-competitiveness, and just want to relax and have some fun with friends, old and new. Relax, be cool.



We know it feels good to increase rank in your guild, to earn access to higher levels and perhaps more responsibility. We also know rank-climbing isn't of interest to everyone. With this in mind, we've reduced the number of ranks and the requirements to reach each:
No Mane - Your rank when you join. No bank access.
Grey Mane - After a brief time (usually 2 weeks or so), you can be promoted to Grey Mane. This also opens the Guild Bank to you (see below).
Grizzled Mane - A rank reserved for those who are helpful, active, and experienced in the guild. There is no set criteria, but assume it will take a couple of months to acheive.
Silver Mane - Guild Officers, manage day to day operation of the Guild, assist in organizing events and contests, manage the Bank and help new members.
The Grey Mane - The GuildMaster,@skyrimfantasy


Guild Bank - Items

Starting with the Grey Mane rank, you will have complete access to the Guild Bank. The purpose of the Bank is to share items you dont need or want with other members. Feel free to take what you need or leave something for someone else... but please be reasonable. We have had incidents in the past where members cleaned out the Guild Bank then left the Guild. We all know that isn't cool. Abuse of the Guild Bank is grounds for removal from the Guild. If in doubt, ask a Silver Mane.


Guild Bank - Gold

Early on, the Silver Mane (Officers) and GuildMaster seeded the Bank with 50,000 gold. The gold in the Guild Bank is locked, meaning that while you may have access to items and be able to see the gold total, you cannot withdraw gold (but you can deposit i.e. donate).
Why? Because we use the gold for event and contest prizes, buying mats to craft for someone, and for helping new players get started with decent gear. The Silver Manes will NEVER use the gold in the bank for their own benefit. Because you can see the total deposited, you also may request an accounting if you see the account drop by a significant amount.

Please don't be afraid to donate gold to the Bank as it is returned directly to the members in some (hopefully fun) form..


Guild Trader

We don't have a Trader, and we never will. The cost (in-game) is very high, and most trading guilds charge their members dues to keep the Vendor running. We refuse to charge you money to be a Grey Mane.
What we DO have is the Guild Store. You can access this with any Banker NPC in the game. The idea here is maybe you don't want to leave an item in the Bank, you'd like to make a bit of coin off it. You can put it in the Guild Store to sell to other members of the Guild. You can choose to make the price super-low as a nicety to your Guildmates, or list it at a higher price as you wish. The Guild Bank gets a percentage of each sale too, which we use for prizes and seed money for new members (see 04 above). 


Officers - Silver Manes

Silver Manes are our Guild Officers. They exist to help members and keep it fun, relaxed, and respectful for everyone. Feel free to contact any of our Silver Manes with questions, concerns, or complaints. Silver Manes assist our Guild Master, Skyrimfantasy with operating the guild.